Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Dream of Peace

Joseph O. Prewitt Díaz, PhD
September 10, 2013

We are taught that we reap what we plant. If we plant hate, deception, discord, then we will reap hate, deception and discord. But …. If we plant understanding, compassion and love, then we will reap understanding, compassion and love.

God created the heavens and the earth, all living things, the mountains and the valleys, the river and the seas. Whether we are Jews or gentiles, where we are Muslims, Christians, or Agnostics we are responsible and accountable for God’s creation.

We cannot destroy what has been given to us. Neither can we deny extending a helping had to one in need because we have religious or political differences or because we believe that we shouldn’t interfere so that further troubles come our way.


If we believed in a gospel of love, then the mighty house would establish a dialogue with the house in disarray, and in consultation come up with ways to assist the re-establishment of peace. Neither houses should impose their agendas, but collaborate for understanding, and the formulation of safety, security, and accountability for all.

What would the Gospel of Love look like in the current prevailing situation between the United States and Syria?

1.  There is human intelligence regarding use of weapons of mass destruction, injured and refugees. What about human intelligence on social cohesion, solution focused activities, and the desire of the people to use their human resources in conjunction to stakeholders to bring peace through: housing and basic needs, medical attention, distribution of geographical areas, and what are the needs and wants for those who are leaving and those who are staying.

2.  What resources are available throughout the world to help that population?

3. What would be an articulated plan to bring peace? Who are the internal stakeholders, and which external stakeholder will take on as a task to bring peace?

4.    What will be the function of the UNHCR, the Red Crescent and Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, World Council of Churches and others?

 5. What is the timeline and how we measure the goals and objectives of this movement of peace?

I would like to share my dream:  President Obama gets on the podium next Tuesday evening surrounded by republicans adnd democrats from the House and the Senate, to announce to the American people the plan.  He says “I have decided today to withdraw all the warships from the waters around Syria. I have instructed that the two hospital ships take position in those waters and begin to provide assistance to the refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. We have requested landing rights in Libya so that we can advance humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced in conjunction to President Assad’s government. I have also assigned all the Civil Affairs units to join forces with AID personnel and begin to provide services that guarantee safety, security and calmness and that promote well being and resilience to our Syrian brothers and sisters”.

Blessed are the peace makers!!!!