Saturday, May 7, 2011

Community based Psychosocial Support: Sample intervention and impact indicators

 “Community based psychosocial support is concerned with the interaction and dynamic relationship of the psychological, social, spiritual and cultural components of a disaster affected peoples’ life and encourages active community participation to plan, implement and monitor activities that enhances protection, resilience, and well-being”.

Standard for community based psychosocial support
Improve individual and community psychosocial well-being.
Sample Key Intervention Indicators:
In community based psychosocial support program indicators are phase specific and are formulated by the disaster-affected community with technical assistance as needed.  Below please find four sample indicators:

·      Affected people have access to an ongoing reliable flow of credible information.
·      Affected people are reunified after the disaster.

·      Children and adolescents have access to formal and informal schooling as well as recreational activities.

·      Affected people have the right to plan community based psychosocial support activities that promote, calming, security and enhance resilience.

Sample Impact Indicators

The affected people report feelings of:

Calmness in their surroundings.
Security in schools and community.
Being included in decision making
Value in their contributions toward community well-being
Increased motivation to survive, succeed, and move on

SPHERE Project 2011, and IASC/MHPSS 2007). 

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